SCHMATA: a Yiddish word meaning a rag or something you throw on the floor, something worthless, an abused person, similar to a "doormat", for instance a spouse who gets berated in public, a person who gets taken advantage of, or a piece of clothing that does not have to be something old and falling apart - could be something appealing but not desired by the owner.

"Schmata Business" is a new body of work using a collection of cloth remnants I inherited from a family relative who was a clothing designer. Bags of hand-painted silks, chiffons, cashmeres, wools and velvets have been the beginning point for this series of two-dimensional and three-dimensional works. Using these fabrics, I am exploring the notion of a schmata as it is understood to be a remainder, trace or vestige. My project examines the possibility of physically mending or repairing these fragments to create new meanings while honouring their previous identities. What I wish to evoke is the human body's resilience and plasticity - not unlike torn skin that will be scarred but is still capable of healing and re-forming.