Installation Details

In 40019’s Ceaseless Transformation I continued working with jawbreaker candies, this time expanding both the number of forms and their scale. The installation is an opportunity to overtake a space yet allow for a subtle experience where the viewer is invited to discover its poetic and non-didactic complexities. Multiple elements are unfixed: to be found on the floor yet inviting the hand. The sugar balls form has been submerged in varying amounts of water or cut open with the inner exposed surfaces sanded using the same methods for finishing carved stone. Varying states of decomposition sit side-by-side with the precision of rings of colour found in the uncovered inner cores. Miniature planets, pieces of day-glow lava, fossils, tree rings, geological specimens — the visual associations shift and multiply as do the references to such different works of art as Eric Cameron’s Thick Paintings or Claude Tousignant’s Target paintings.